“The Business Update” Coming Next Week to GTA Online


We have good news, and we have bad news. The bad news is that you still won’t have new heists in GTA Online next week. The good news is that you will have new DLC.

The Business Update will hit PSN and Xbox Live on March 4. Three new cars are included, the Albany Alpha, the Dinka Jester, and the Grotti Turismo R, as well as an airplane called the Vestra. Two new weapons will also be added to Ammu-Nation, so get ready if you want to mow down your opponents with the Heavy Pistol or the Heavy Carbine.

As the DLC’s title suggests, there is a business element to all of this. You’ll be able to get both formal and casual business clothes, such as suits, slacks, and heels, and there are new hairstyles, as well. You can also get a currency tattoo or choose from a variety of new masks.

In Story Mode, you will automatically have the weapons added to your inventory and the cars added to garage properties. In GTA Online, you’ll have to buy them from Ammu-Nation, Legendary Motorsport, and Elitas.

Remember, if you have yet to pick up the items from the Valentine’s Day Massacre DLC, you need to do so by midnight PST on March 2, or you’ll miss your chance.

Trevor Phillips
Founder of GTA BOOM, Trevor has been a long-time fan of the GTA series but probably isn’t quite as hardcore a gamer as you’d think. When he isn’t tweaking the content on GTA BOOM, you’ll find him working on the server or making other improvements to hopefully make the site better. Other than that, Trevor enjoys getting outside in the sunshine!


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