Bully Limited Edition iPad Giveaway Announced

Rockstar Games recently released Bully: Anniversary Edition on mobile devices and made the Scholarship Edition of the game available on Xbox One via Microsoft's backwards compatibility program. Now, Bully fans are getting the chance to grab a unique iPad styled after the game, as a gift.

Rockstar has really hit it out of the park this holiday season with the gifts. GTA Online has received Christmas DLC, which included a whole bunch of free items and goodies for players, while also slapping large bonuses on some of the most lucrative money-making methods in the game.


This giveaway, however, just might be the high-point. Rockstar previously gave away uniquely decorated devices with "automotive-grade paint jobs"  to commemorate other mobile releases, such as that of GTA: Liberty City Stories. For the past few years, Rockstar has been releasing many of their older games on mobile devices whenever their 10th anniversary comes along, with Bully being the latest in a long line of such ports.

The Anniversary Edition of Bully was launched on iOS and Android devices not too long ago with all the content included in the Scholarship Edition, such as the bonus missions, while sporting updated graphics and a new control scheme optimized for touch-screen devices.

Rockstar is now giving away a new iPad Pro 9.7 with a one-of-a-kind paint job. The device in question starts at $599 if purchased, but can go well over $1000 depending on how you configure it - and that doesn't even have this unique blue finish.

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The model on offer has a bright, light-blue color with the cover-art of Bully: Anniversary Edition emblazoned on the faceplate in full, high-resolution glory. Both are protected by a glossy clearcoat. As was the case with previous giveaway prizes, this is a one-time deal and the special Bull branded iPad will never be made, sold, distributed or gifted again.

The device comes with a similarly styled Apple Pencil, which sports the same shade of blue, a Rockstar logo and the caption "Bullworth Academy". A neat touch is the pink bit at the end of the pencil, representing an eraser.

Now, the wording in the official announcement is a bit iffy, since there is clearly just the one iPad in the giveaway, however multiple devices are cited as well. Since Bully: Anniversary Edition is available on both iOS and Android, and previous giveaways saw both an iPad and an Android tablet as prizes, chances are the latter will be given away separately at a later date.

While only one iPad will be awarded to the lucky winner, 20 runner-ups will be given a special Bully themed merchandise pack. This contains three branded t-shirts, a baseball cap and a dodgeball - all of which are decorated with either the game's logo or the Bullworth Academy coat of arms.

The giveaway can be entered here, and all you need is a free Rockstar Social Club account. Owning the Anniversary Edition of Bully, or really any other game, isn't required. Entries are open until the 9th of January.

Will you be entering this giveaway, or are you waiting for the Android version?


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