Report: Bully 2 May Have Been Cancelled Due To GTA 6

For years now, leaks about a sequel to one of Rockstar's lesser known, but still popular and successful titles, were abound. Bully 2 almost seemed like a certainty. Now, new leaks indicate that while the game was in production, it has been quietly cancelled by Rockstar, so that they can focus on the next entry in the flagship Grand Theft Auto franchise.

GTA 6 is a game that hasn't been officially announced but is definitely happening, and people from Rockstar are even talking about it outright. We know that we're looking at a more modest, smaller release in order to prevent crunch. Considering GTA Online is going standalone later this year, we suspect it won't even have a multiplayer component at all.


Bully, released in some regions as "Canis Canem Edit", was launched in 2006 and combined the open world free-form chaos of the popular GTA series with the seemingly innocuous setting of a typical New England school-town. The game received a great deal of critical praise and became an instant hit, remembered as a classic to this day.

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Owing to its popularity, Rockstar ported to the game PC, various consoles and even mobile platforms over the years. Since it is evidently a success with a sizeable fandom, it was logical to assume that a sequel would be on the way - fans waited and waited for years to no avail.

Occasionally leaks would imply that a sequel was in the works - something this latest report confirms - but nothing concrete ever came of it. Now, known reputable leaker and data miner TezFunz2 implied that Bully 2 was, in fact, in development since the early 2010's and got cancelled in 2017. The cancellation happened because Rockstar reshuffled resources to focus on GTA 6.

Tez already has a reputation that practically verifies this leak, but another similarly well known and highly regarded data miner, Yan2295, also verified these claims. While these are some big names, remember to take anything that isn't an official statement with a grain of salt.

If the game was in development for several years, there is always the possibility that it gets picked up again in the future, however slim. We'd certainly appreciate a sequel to Bully, but we won't exactly complain at the prospect of getting GTA 6 soon either.


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