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Bryson Tiller could join 50 Cent in GTA 6

Bryson Tiller is an upcoming and coming rapper currently signed under RCA Records.

GTA 6 leaks have been around forever. Fans of Rockstar's open-world RPG title have been dying for an update about the next installment in the series ever since it was confirmed last year.

The subsequent leak didn't help either. Now, further fueling the flame are the recent GTA-related posts of iconic rapper, 50 Cent, and an up-and-coming musician, Bryson Tiller.

Just moments after Fiddy revealed his involvement in a GTA project, Tiller went ahead and did the same thing.

Well, almost.

Unlike 50 Cent, who all but confirmed that he's part of something related to Vice City, a fictional city that may or may not be the setting of GTA 6, Tiller was more cryptic.

Instead, the 30-year-old rapper uploaded a poster with the words "bta IV" on it written in a similar font to the GTA logos across a yellow background with an "M" rating icon found on the bottom right.

Naturally, fans are speculating that 50 Cent and Tiller are both involved in GTA 6.

What’s this? from GTA6

While this isn't impossible, it's easier said than done. 50 Cent might have "ended" the beef with Diddy in recent years but that doesn't mean the two of them will work together. Tiller worked together with Diddy on the feel-good anthem, Gotta Move, Diddy's first new song in years. The single eventually topped the charts. Fiddy might not work with an artist who just collaborated with Diddy. Then again, 50 Cent and Tiller could have signed on to do a couple of songs for the next GTA game, which is arguably an even bigger deal, if only so that 50 Cent can one-up his perpetual frenemy.

Until Rockstar confirms anything, the likelihood is the Instagram post is a marketing tool. Tiller is set to release his fourth album later this year, so "bta IV" could stand for "Bryson Tiller Album IV".

We're curious to find out what kind of involvement Bryson Tiller and 50 Cent have with GTA 6.

At the end of the day, the only thing that's guaranteed is Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive are aware of what 50 Cent is doing. If they aren't, 50 Cent would've already taken the post down. As it's still up as of the time of writing, we're left hoping that this is a precursor to an official GTA 6 reveal later this year.


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