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A Breaking Bad game based on GTA could have happened

And there goes our hopes and dreams of seeing Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in a GTA game.

Now that Better Call Saul is coming to an end, series creator, Vince Gilligan, is taking his sweet time reflecting on the success of both the spin-off and the original show, Breaking Bad.

In an Inside the Gilliverse episode, Gilligan shared his thoughts about the two projects. In the same interview, we learned that Gilligan wanted to do a video game based on Breaking Bad many years ago. Gilligan recalled asking if a Breaking Bad spin-off or DLC for Grand Theft Auto is possible. Obviously, this never happened, leaving us wondering about what could've been.

The series' longtime showrunner explained that there'd been several attempts since for a Breaking Bad video game. He ultimately settled for a mobile game and a VR experience, but neither really gained much traction. Gilligan explained that making a video game is not a joke. To make matters worse, the high-quality standard set by both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul cast a looming shadow over a potential video game adaptation.

It's still not too late to make a Breaking Bad x GTA Online crossover happen. We just don't know if it ever will be made based on how busy Rockstar and Gilligan are.

A Breaking Bad DLC for Grand Theft Auto 4 or Grand Theft Auto 5 would have been perfect. In fact, it's still not too late to make a GTA x Breaking Bad crossover happen. After all, GTA Online is still very much alive and doing well to tide audiences over until GTA 6 comes out.

Sadly, we don't think that this is happening anytime soon. Gilligan himself clarified that they just "don't have enough bandwidth" and Breaking Bad fans shouldn't expect a video game anytime soon.

Breaking Bad ended its award-winning five-season run in 2013 with its first spin-off, Better Call Saul, set to end with its final episode on August 16. Meanwhile, Rockstar is working on GTA 6 with Take-Two Interactive hyping it up as a game that will "set a creative benchmark" in the entertainment industry.


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