Brawl Through The Streets Of GTA V

Whenever there is a new GTA Online update around the corner, people wonder what kinds of new weapons they'll be getting. While with recent updates things have been getting more equal, there was a time where the rooty-tooty-point-n-shooties were getting all the attention, and players looking for a new weapon with which to dismember their fellow gamer up close and personal were frequently disappointed. Not to mention, the melee combat system implemented in GTA V is a tad simplistic, with nothing too interesting going on.


Well, melee enthusiasts, this is a mod for you. GTA V Streets of Rage Brawling plays around with some of the default stats of GTA V to make melee combat more varied and interesting. Most importantly, it makes melee combat longer in order to allow you to enjoy all the other changes of this mod in every fight. This is achieved by decreasing melee damage across the board, with no more one-hit-kills. However, to compensate, the rate at which you deliver punches has been increased by a similar degree.



Two counter attacks will now kill your enemy, so careful with those, and you won't be able to kick while wielding a melee weapon. The AI and behavior of PEDs has been altered significantly to facilitate massive, spontaneous street brawls. There are currently three different behavior profiles for the PEDs contained in the mod, meaning you'll be up against three different fighting styles when you do get into a scuffle.

You can optionally boost the toughness of the PEDs, or decrease melee damage even further to give you nice, lengthy brawls you can savor. Don't forget that this mod also applies these changes to animals, so don't leave your dog behind when going to a large gang brawl - the PEDs certainly won't.

Would you guys prefer a wider assortment of melee weapons and a deeper close-quarter combat system in GTA V?

Mike Roberts

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