Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire Busts Into GTA Online

A new week, a new car in Grand Theft Auto Online. Joining a powerful muscle car this week is an entirely new category of collectibles, various double rewards bonuses, discounts, log-in rewards, a new vehicle to be won from the lucky wheel and much more.

The newest vehicle to push its way into the thick Los Santos traffic is the aggressive Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire, a tough as nails muscle car that's all about raw power. This brute of a vehicle is the perfect choice for any player who is a muscle car enthusiast or just really needs to compensate and comes with fantastic customization options to boot. The Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire can be yours starting today for GTA$ 745,000.

Some of you may be avid action figure collectors, which will make you as excited for GTA Online's newest collectibles as we are! A set of 100 exclusive collectible figures were stolen - a nightmare, really - and scattered around the game world. Collecting these absolutely-not-toys will grant you some RP and GTA$, but the real prize awaits once you've picked up all 100.

Hunting small collectibles isn't the only way to make cash, though. A number of double RP and GTA$ promotions are running until the 11th of September, giving you plenty of time to rack up enough money for a Hellfire. Casino Story Missions, Freemode Missions, Business Battles and all Rockstar Stunt Races - meaning Rockstar created as well as verified - will be dishing out double rewards. There's something in there for everyone.


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Logging into GTA Online this week will also get you a free Stylised Bravado Tee, with a nice piece of artwork featuring a muscle car on a white base. It's a perfect fit for the new Gauntlet Hellfire, and you don't even need to spend a dime.

While this one isn't guaranteed, a tee isn't the only thing you can grab for free - this week, the Truffade Nero is up for grabs if fortune favors you. Simply spin the lucky wheel at the Diamond Casino and hope that you land on the vehicle prize to drive this supercar home.

Two new items have been added to the Casino Store for a limited time - the High Roller Dress and Gold Ceaseless Timepiece - and several vehicles have been discounted by 40%. These include Nagasaki Havok, the Ocelot Swinger, the MTL Pounder Custom and more. You can also grab a Master Penthouse at 25% off and a Nightclub at 40% off!


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