The Brand New Vetir Brings Reinforcements To GTA Online

Rockstar Games is showing the military roleplayers of Grand Theft Auto Online a it of love this week with the new troop transport vehicle. There are also some particularly lucrative and exciting bonuses on offer, allowing you to rack up some serious cash while playing the best content in the game, as well as discounts to spend it all on.


The newest vehicle to join the ranks in GTA Online is the Vetir, a military troop transport with a rugged and budget look that any banana republic dictator would love to see haul their militia around. The retro looks and the canvas canopy over the truck bed make this the perfect choice for transportation when raiding Cayo Perico with your squad.

We're sure all the military-themed crews and role players will love to get their hands on the Vetir. It is available now at any Warstock Cache & Carry shop as well as their in-game website. This truck will set you back a reasonable GTA$ 1,630,000, a price you can push down to 1,222,500 with discounts.


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You can easily save up for your brand new Vetir with this week's bonuses available in GTA Online. Hop into the Diamond Adversary Series to play some of your favorite PvP modes in the opulent environment of the casino, and earn double the usual GTA$ and RP while doing it.

For maximum supervillain vibes, grab your MOC and jump into some Mobile Operations Missions, all paying out triple the usual rewards, or jump into a submersible to dig up 10 Hidden Caches from the bottom of the sea. If you manage to hit that target, you'll bag a GTA$ 100,000 bonus next week.

All players who complete The Cayo Perico Heist Finale this week will unlock the exclusive Santo Capra Patterns Sweater, alongside the usual rewards for pulling off the caper. If you head to the Diamond Casino & Resort, you'll also have the chance to win a pre-customized Grotti Cheetah Classic at the Lucky Wheel.

Discounts this week are aimed at the villainous - you can get your own Kosatka submarine and related upgrades at a 25% discount, while Mobile Operations Centers are 40%. You can add a Weapon & Vehicle workshop to the latter at 30% off.


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