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Bored In GTA 5? Defy Madrazo

GTA 5 is one of those games which is packed to the brim with so much content that you'd need ludicrous amounts of free time to actually get bored with it. However, there are some players out there who have seen it all, played it all and won it all. Well, that, or some of the side activities just don't interest them.


Either way, this isn't a game that is devoid of content. While it is mostly identical to how it was upon launch, some minor content additions did occur during the first handful of updates. After a (very short) while though, the updates only added their content to GTA Online.

Single player has remained unchanged since, so it is no surprise that players who prefer solo gaming have went through all of the content. This is a three year old game, after all. The recent ports to current gen consoles did revitalize it a bit, but rather with features instead of content.


The most recent edition to be released, the PC port, however brought new life to single player with mods. While absolutely all forms of modding are bannable offenses in GTA Online, players are more than welcome to mod to their heart's content in single player. There are a wide range of mods available, so you'll be guaranteed to find something you enjoy regardless of preference for lore-friendliness.

But what do console players and PC players who'd rather stay away from mods do? Some players simply prefer solo play or have poor internet. Even if you do like GTA Online, sometimes the servers are offline and you might not feel like playing something else.

One of the most entertaining ways to squeeze some extra fun out of games you've otherwise maxed out is trying to "break" them or use their own mechanics against them. The new activity we're bringing to you today was recently discovered by a fan of GTA 5, Stix147, and falls into the latter category.

Warning: Spoilers for the storyline of GTA 5 ahead.

Basically, at one point in the story, specifically in the mission Caida Libre, Trevor kidnaps the wife of Martin Madrazo, who is something of a big-wig in the city. Understandably, Mr. Madrazo is a tad upset by all this, so he promptly "bans" Trevor and Michael from Los Santos on the pain of death.

Naturally, this ban lifts eventually as the story progresses, but for a while the story moves to Sandy Shores and to the north of the city. In order to implement this ban from the city in gameplay, Rockstar opted against an invisible wall approach. Whenever the player enters Los Santos as either Michael or Trevor, a number of Madrazo's thugs will be sent after them.

Of course, these thugs will be armed. While it isn't too hard to kill them, another Baller full of gun-toting henchmen will spawn. Until you progress further in the GTA V story, infinite thugs will come after you. After a few waves, Mr. Madrazo himself will call you, saying mean and intimidating things.


At this point the figurative shit hits the figurative fan, as periodically more and more thugs will spawn regardless of whether or not you killed the previous wave. This is intended to overwhelm the player, either forcing them to leave Los Santos or to kill them, making them respawn at the Sandy Shores hospital.

However if you pay attention and have some skill to boot, you can twist this particular GTA V mechanic to achieve some pretty interesting and entertaining result. Of course, the obvious route is to hunker down in some strategically sound positions and re-enact the Alamo, except alone, against street thugs and in a metropolis.


Stix147 has a few suggestions if you stick to this approach. Construction sites in the game are perfect for last stand forts, as they allow you to quickly gain the high ground, and give you a wide field of fire. Over time, the Ballers will pile up and sometimes even cause explosive crashes, as the thugs are programmed to hunt you down, and disregard the previous Baller right in front of them. The tight spaces at construction sites are perfect for this.

The subway stations of GTA V are also prime positions to dig in. If you're running with Michael, your special ability will help you avoid gaining wanted levels down here, and the abundance of vending machines makes it easy to restore health.


Another good tactic is, surprisingly enough, not attacking the thugs. If you don't draw your weapon, the police will be quasi allies, as they will fight the rowdy thugs. Stay civil, and an unending supply of cops will combat the unending supply of thugs. For extra spectacle, draw the thugs into gang controlled areas without drawing your weapons. The thugs and gang members will start fighting, which will eventually involve the police, sparking a three-way battle that you may or may not join.

Of course, you can also just lead them on a high-speed chase through the city if you're craving some driving thrills. While the Ballers aren't the fastest of vehicles, the game will make sure that they keep up. If you want to record some good chase scenes for a GTA V fan video with the Rockstar Editor, this is a prime chance.


There you have it. GTA V may be full of content which provides entertainment when used "properly", but there is an extra measure of fun when you're doing something you're not supposed to - after all, that's what GTA is all about, no? Not everyone might want to use mods, or maybe they just can't.

While often times defying the rules set by the game will either lead to death, failure or glitches, this is one example of saying no to the official objectives and making your own fun in the process. Surely, GTA V has more such mechanics that can be twisted in this way, they just need to be found.

What is your favorite unconventional pastime in GTA V?


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