Bombushka Now Available In GTA Online

The newest drip-fed DLC for GTA Online has been released and brought with it one of the most anticipated of the planes teased through missions in the Smuggler's Run update. The Bombushka is joined by a new Adversary Mode that features it extensively.

The Bombushka was shown off in the trailer for Smuggler's Run, but wasn't included in the title update as a purchasable vehicle. Instead, it only appeared in a single mission and players had no other way to fly the heavily armed bomber.


Now, it can finally be bought, stored in your hangar, customized and taken out for a spin whenever you fancy. The full price of the plane is GTA$5,918,500 (not to play the devil's advocate here, but why didn't they just make it a nice round 6 million?) that is reduced to GTA$4,450,000 if you run 24 smuggling missions.

Players have reported some grievances with the plane. In spite of it being intended to be a heavily armed harbinger of destruction, without armor upgrades a single RPG hit will take it down, and even at fully upgraded armor, all it takes is three explosive rounds to destroy the plane.

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This becomes an issue mainly because the Bombushka is slower and harder to maneuver than the Titan is. It's essentially a brick that just barely meets the physical requirements of becoming airborne. The physics of the plane are also reportedly "dodgy", making landing really difficult on occasion.

Six players can sit inside, with one pilot, one co-pilot, two gunners and two passengers. It can hold 50 bombs and is armed with two turrets, meaning it can deal out massive amounts of damage, but unfortunately its vulnerability means most other planes will take it out with ease.

In order to give you a chance to hone your piloting skills, Rockstar Games added a new Adversary Mode centered on the cold war bomber, and topped it off with a double RP and GTA$ promotion as well. The mode tasks a crew of four to take on four Buzzard attack choppers, with the teams switching for the second round. Whoever destroys the Bombushka first takes the point.

The discounts this week are centered around customizations and upgrades across the board, with a 25% discount applied to the hangar workshop with which you can upgrade planes, aircraft weapons, liveries, resprays and Mobile Operations Center cabs. Additionally, the same 25% discount also applies to Executive Offices, which are required to get into CEO work, and happen to be really expensive to boot, meaning this is a great opportunity for new players to dip into GTA Online's higher level content.

There are still droves of drip fed vehicles waiting to be released, so check back next week to learn which is the next one in line.


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