This Week Is All About Bikers In GTA Online

Following last week's focus on aviators, Grand Theft Auto Online players who like to stick to the ground get their time to shine this time around, provided you're okay with two wheels instead of four.

Bikers Week gives you discounts on Bikers content, opportunities to earn extra cash and RP from Bikers jobs and to also unlock some exclusive content simply by logging into the game.


Among the double GTA$ and RP promotions is Deadline, the fantastic Adversary Mode which is Tron, but in GTA. Using your Shotaro light-cycle, you are tasked with speeding through an arena with three other players, avoiding their streaks while trying to get them to crash into yours.

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Playing Deadline is necessary to unlock the Shotaro for purchase, and it's also one of the best modes in the entire game. Getting paid twice as much to play it is just a cherry on top of it all.

Beyond this, all Bikers Business Sales will also offer double rewards. If you've set up your Nightclub Warehouse to consolidate your businesses and get technicians to produce supplies for you, this is a particularly good way to earn big. Club work and challenges are also included in the double reward promotions.

This week players can unlock two exclusive in-game t-shirts for their character's wardrobe. The Steel Horse and Black Western logo tees will be added to your collection if you log into GTA Online anytime this week. Grab them while they're available, as you can't buy them later on.

A large selection of Bikers content is discounted in keeping with the theme of this week's event. You can purchase Clubhouses, renovations, the bike shop addon and Bikers business properties at half-price right off the bat. The Western Gargoyle, the Oppressor MKII, the Shitzu Hakuchou Drag, the Pegassi Vortex and the Pegassi Bati 801 are all 30% off. Finally, the Shotaro is 40% off, so grab this fine bike now if you haven't already!


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