Bigfoot Found In GTA 5's Code

Bigfoot is 100% confirmed in the game. You can play at Bigfoot in story mode by following this guide or in GTA Online by following this.

The mysterious human-like, gigantic ape known as the Sasquatch, or as he is colloquially referred to "Bigfoot" is a mythical cryptid which has been hunted my fanatics for quite a while now. While most likely just a fictional creature used to cheat money out of tourists and gullible "hunters", the Bigfoot has been used frequently in popular media in various capacities ranging from children's stories through environmental awareness all the way to horror. And let's not forget Monster Trucks!


GTA 5 has always made a point of incorporating international fads which are particularly absurd into its satire driven humor. Back when GTA: San Andreas was new, a rumor regarding a Sasquatch inhabiting Back O' Beyond, however Rockstar confirmed that this was false. Despite this, people continued to search for the creature, and the rumor became extremely popular.

To honor the popularity of the Bigfoot rumor, Rockstar added it to GTA V. In one particular mission, it is possible to get a glimpse of the creature through a thermal scope, and later on there is an entire mission dedicated to the Bigfoot. We won't go into more detail, lest we spoil anything.

Something else Rockstar added to GTA V was Peyote plants. These unique plants are pretty hard to find, and can temporarily transform a character into an animal. Not all planned Peyotes were added to the released game however, as three were cut eventually, leaving only 27 Peyote plants in the game. Recently, information miners have digged out references to three new peyote plants in relation to the upcoming DLC. These new plants are meant to transform the players into rats, chimps and Sasquatches, respectively.

It is entirely possible that the info people found was simply leftovers from the cut content, but the links to the upcoming DLC codenamed "LOW" suggest otherwise.

Have you found all the Peyote plants in the game? If not, be sure to check out our guide.

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