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Big Business Bonuses In GTA Online This Month

Rockstar Games has been running non-stop weekly bonuses in Grand Theft Auto Online consistently for years now, with a new selection of discounts and activities paying more switching each other out every Thursday - it stopped being special, really. However now they're wheeling out an actual event, with a month-long theme: businesses.

Incepted by the Career Builder feature introduced with Expanded and Enhanced, Rockstar is shining the spotlight on the four main career paths you can set your character on before even starting the game; the feature was designed to help new players catch up with 8 years of content readily, making the early hours of the game feel less overwhelming.

When starting out new in GTA Online, players can now choose to become an Executive, Biker, Gunrunner, or Nightclub Owner right off the bat, with the required properties and resources on hand to kick their business into gear. Businesses are pretty much the best way to earn cash in GTA Online right now, so this will let everyone hit the ground running.

Work and Challenges, both of the VIP and MC variety are paying out double rewards this week, alongside a 3x boost on Associate and Bodyguard salaries to make sure that hanging out with the boss is worth your while. As an associated, bodyguard or MC member, you'll also get a one-time bonus payout of GTA$250,000 if you accompany your boss on a successful Gunrunning Sell Mission, Nightclub Management Mission, Biker Sell Mission, or Special Cargo Sell Mission.

Mobile Operations Missions are also paying out triple the usual GTA$ and RP, so make sure your Mobile Operations Center is all tricked out and fueled up. If you don't own one of these monstrous vehicles yet, now's your chance to pick one up - as well as its various upgrades - for 30% off.

If you want to take a break from the hustle and earn some sweet GTA$ without grinding businesses, jump into some exhilarating Stunt Races, all of which are paying out triple rewards this week. Keep in mind that this bonus only applies to Rockstar-made tracks!

There are massive, sweeping 80% discounts for all sorts of business related properties, upgrades, items and goods this week, so it's as good a time to start a new line of work as any. Included are Executive Office Interiors, Gun Lockers, Shooting Ranges, Nightclub Dancers, Dry Ice, Clubhouse Murals and Clubhouse Furniture (Option B).

The Shitzu Hakuchou Drag is this week's Prize Ride vehicle, while the Cheval Taipan, Karin Futo GTX, and Invetero Coquette D10 are the test rides on offer. Players on the current gen consoles can also test out the Imponte Arbiter GT, courtesy of Hao. The Annis Savestra is the Diamond's podium vehicle this week.

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