Big Biker Bonuses In GTA Online This Week

Strap on the leather, sew up the patches and hop on your chopper, because this week is all about Bikers in Grand Theft Auto Online. Alongside Bikers bonuses, you can grab some free GTA$, win a free car and grab some fancy vehicles on sale.

Bikers stand to earn big money this week with special reward bonuses. Being all about excess, your Biker Businesses catering to the seediest customers of the underworld will bring in even more dirty money thanks to double RP and GTA$ payouts on Sell Missions as well as Clubhouse Contracts.


If you're not choosy when it comes to vehicles, and you're just as comfortable driving on four wheels or even flying as you are on a bike, hop into any Rockstar created Transform Race to earn double rewards by crossing the finish line first.

Remember that throughout May, all players logging into GTA Online will earn a one-time bonus of GTA$ 500,000, to be delivered within one week of your first time log-in during the month. Even if you're too busy to play proper, make sure to just hop on long enough to earn the bonus!

Speaking of free stuff, you have the chance to win a Coil Cyclone this week. Roll on down to the Diamond Casino & Resort and test your fortune at the Lucky Wheel. Even if you don't get the vehicle reward, other prizes await and you can always try again next day!

Since Bikers are in the focus this week, you can pick up some bikes for cheap. The Principe Lectro is 35% off, while the Nagasaki Shotaro can be yours at 40% off. If you want four wheels under you instead of two, the Benefactor Krieger is discounted by 30%, the Pegassi Toros is 35% off and the Pegassi Tempesta is on sale at a 40% discount all week.

Aron Gerencser
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