BF Weevil & Bonuses Arrive To GTA Online

Frankly, it's surprizing it took this long, but a truly iconic and legendary car just got a long overdue homage in Grand Theft Auto Online with this week's drip feed DLC. Alongside this newcomer buzzing in, we've got an impressive lineup of bonuses to help you start the year off with the right foot.

The BF Weevil is GTA Online's version of the infinitely recognizable Volkswagen Beetle, altered just enough to make it impervious to lawsuits and licensing, but we've got to hand it to the modelling team - the Weevil is probably the closest match to the source material they've ever dared to go.

Despite being clear car collector bait and a guaranteed hit among aficionados, the Weevil is modestly priced - which, granted, is appropriate for the car it is based on. It can be yours for just GTA$870,000 if you hop down to a Southern San Andreas Super Autos dealership.


Rockstar wants to help players start 2021 strong, and have provided a particularly bountiful list of bonuses with which to achieve this. First off, we have Motor Wars paying out triple the usual RP and GTA$ for those of you who enjoy a bit of battle royale action.

On the business side of things, Smuggler's Run sell missions are doling out double the usual pay and RP for every run you complete, while Air Races are paying out triple - this week really benefits those few who actually know how the flying works in this game.

Rockstar is mixing things up a bit with this week's log-in reward, since it's a a hat instead of a t-shirt for once - grab the Güffy Double Logo Hat simply by playing GTA Online anytime this week! If you also succeed in stealing contraband from any secondary target when running The Cayo Perico Heist, you'll also get a bonus Bigness Faces Sweater.

If you go to the Diamond Casino & Resort and spin the Lucky Wheel, you may win a free Enus Paragon R pre-customized with... a rather hideous livery, but you can always change that later on. While not free, there are also a number of other vehicles on discount, including the brand new RO-86 Alkanost at 25% off, a discount it shares with the Annihilator Stealth.

Aron Gerencser
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