Get The Benefactor Schlagen GT In GTA Online

Benefactor fans are in for a pair of treats this week in GTA Online.

Beyond a new car players can expect a limited edition log-in rewards.

And alongside these new additions, the standard gamut of discounts is joined by a particularly enticing series of double rewards bonuses.


First of all, let's look at the Benefactor Schlagen GT.

The new elegant sports car which mashes together real-life Mercedes and BMW designs for peak German design and engineering is one hell of a looker.

While not particularly competitive on the race track, the Schlagen GT handles like a charm and perfectly fits the aesthetic of a high-rolling crime boss. It also costs GTA$ 1,300,000.

Fans have already shown off some beautifully customized models online. This car is definitely aimed at the players with GTA$ to spare not only on the vehicle itself but on the upgrades.

If you are looking specifically for something to win races with, this that ain't, but if you want to cruise around Freeroam in style, it is the way to go.

In order to show off your brand slavery loyalty, you can dress your character in an all-new Benefactor logo t-shirt. To unlock this piece of free advertisement, all you need to is log into GTA Online anytime through the 28th of January. Like other log-in rewards, this is the only way to unlock it for free.

Rockstar has been particularly generous with this week's double reward opportunities.

Two Adversary Modes are on offer, with both Keep The Pace and Hunting Pack (Remix) offering double RP and GTA$. The best part, however, is the double GTA$ on Special Cargo Sales and +50% cash on Import/Export sales. That's right, one of the most lucrative money-making activities in the entire game - as demonstrated by our guide - is paying out even more this week. Get on it!

To help you out with earning top dollar on these bonuses, some of the discounts are specifically geared towards them. Special Cargo Warehouses are 40% off, while Executive Offices are 30% off in case you're only just now leaping into the higher tier of GTA Online gameplay. A number of vehicles are 35% and 30% off, including highlights like the Khanjali tank and the Declasse Scramjet.

Check back next week to find out whether the Bandito is next on the drip-feed list.

Aron Gerencser
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