Beach Bum DLC for GTA Online Lands Next Week


Update: As rightly pointed out by StonerSmurf420 in the comments below, the Twitter account “GTAVSocialClub” is not verified (no blue tick) and as far as we’ve been able to confirm is not an official Rockstar account. This news is therefore most likely false we’re afraid…

Having finally sorted out the lost progress and other issues plaguing GTA Online since its launch at the start of last month, and having successfully delivered the $500K stimulus package to everyone, it looks like Rockstar is turning its attention to downloadable content (DLC) for GTA V.

Just a few hour ago on Twitter the Social Club arm of Rockstar Games “GTA V Social Club” posted that “The Beach Bum Pack will be released sometime next week.

The Beach Bum Pack is DLC for GTA Online and will include new weapons and also introduce a variety of new “beach themed” vehicles, plus additional character customization options such as fresh tatts and hairdos. The Beach Bum DLC will also feature brand new Jobs that are set on and near the beach and coastal areas of Los Santos.

Oh, and the Beach Bum Pack is going to be 100% free for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of the game!

Trevor Phillips
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