Arena War Series Paying Out 3x In GTA Online

For many players, being cooped up more than usual due to social distancing can lead to a lot of stress building up, with no way to vent. Luckily, this week in Grand Theft Auto Online, the bonuses are geared towards wanton destruction, allowing you to blow off some steam while racking up GTA$!

The Arena War Series drops you into a large, booby-trapped arena with devastating and absolutely illegal vehicles with various objectives, all of which require you to wreck, or avoid being wrecked. Arena War activities may not be the most lucrative, but they're great for channeling your frustrations.


On top of that, the 3x boost on all rewards will help iron out that problem about not being lucrative. Ripping and tearing through the Arena will load you up with GTA$ and RP, but there are other options as well if this content isn't your cup of tea. Premium Deluxe Repo Work is paying out double rewards, while this week's Time Trials are also paying out triple.

If you're feeling fortunate, head over to the Diamond Casino & Resort for the chance to win a free Pegassi Tempesta if you get the vehicle prize. There are also a number of great discounts on offer if you want to try out some shopping therapy.

Since Arena War content is already hosting this week's main bonus promo, it's fitting that an Arena vehicle is headlining the sale. The Arena Sasquatch can be yours at a 60% discount, matched also by the Ocelot Stromberg. You can pick up the Grotti X80 Proto and the Arena Workshop upgrade at half price, while the RC Bandito and the Invade & Persuade RC Tank are 40% off.

Keep in mind that Rockstar is offering 5% of all in-game purchase revenue to COVID-19 relief efforts, so now is a good time to pick up a Shark Card.

Aron Gerencser
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