April Fools' Day Brings Snow To GTA Online

If you logged into Grand Theft Auto Online yesterday and were confused by the presence of snow, don't worry, it is neither a bug nor temporal anomaly. Rather, bringing snow back to Los Santos was Rockstar's April Fools' joke, and they pulled it in both GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

Every April Fools' day, gaming companies get in on the jokes. Announcing fake games or peripherals, adding nonsensical temporary DLC or altering something about their games for a day to surprise players is something fans can look forward to every year.


Snow is usually reserved for the holiday season when Rockstar enables snowy weather in Los Santos for a few days around Christmas and again during New Year's Eve. It pops up for a couple of days then melts away, in order to maintain the feeling of novelty when it falls again a year later. This time, players didn't have to wait that long.

It was a clever idea from Rockstar, really, to bring back some hint of holiday cheer to GTA Online during these trying times. Many players are stuck at home due to strict quarantining and social distancing measures enacted by many governments across the globe, so we're probably spending a whole lot more time playing around in Los Santos.

The snow brought variety, novelty and a great deal of more joy, letting Crews throw snowballs at each other instead of grenades, and throw up walls of white powder as you drift through the covered streets. We're probably going to have to wait until December before the virtual snow starts falling again, however.

On the same day, Rockstar also made another announcement which was no joke - the company is donating 5% of all Shark Card and Gold purchase revenue to COVID-19 relief efforts, so if you are low on GTA$, topping up with real cash helps a good cause right now.

Aron Gerencser
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