Anyone can Buy the Cargobob, Tank or CE Cars in GTA Online

The Cargobob can be one of the most enjoyable vehicles to own and use in GTA V, particularly in GTA Online if you are playing with your buddies/fellow crew members, or secondly if you can time it right and carry off that person in the tank who has been griefing you the last two hours!

The good news is that now anyone can purchase one in GTA Online from one of the online stores, and in fact, if you follow the steps below and change them slightly, you can also purchase the tank without needing to be level 70 and get some of the Collector's Edition cars (the Khamelion, Hotknife and Carbon RS).

Instructions to get the Cargobob

  1. Go to the internet browser on your phone and head to the Warstock website.
  2. Click on the "Barracks" vehicle and then when the page for it loads, press the home button in the browser.
  3. Now you need to hover of the address bar and press B, then A, relatively quickly. If you get the timing right, you should have the in-game keyboard come up while you're still on the Barracks page (you might need to try this step a few times to get it working).
  4. Once the keyboard is up, change the "3" digit at the end of the address URL to a "5".
  5. A new page will load and it should be the Cargobob! You can purchase it from Pegasus for $185,000.

Instructions for Collector's Edition cars

Follow the same basic instructions as above, but you need to be on the relevant vehicle dealership website (in-game). Once you are on the page for a car, then bring up the keyboard (as above) and make the following changes:


  1. Insert the number "28" for the Khamelion, the number "29" for the Hotknife and the number "30" for the Carbon RS.
  2. You also need to replace the text string "car-details##" with "purchasecar".

Instructions for the Tank

To get the tank just follow the Cargobob instructions but change the number to a "1" instead of "5".

Matt Stone

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