Annis Savestra Is GTA Online's First DLC Vehicle Of 2018

Rockstar is continuing its standard of releasing a new DLC vehicle every week in 2018, because why not? Kicking off the new year, the very first such vehicle is now available in Grand Theft Auto Online, alongside a new set of discounts.

The new car, the Annis Savestra, is a Sports Classic car paying homage to Japanese coupes designed for tuning and rally racing. The car is mainly based on the Series II-III Mazda Savanna/RX3, though a bunch of other cars have also been used as an influence here and there on the bodywork.


By default, the car isn't much of a looker, but then this isn't the kind of ride you'd keep at factory spec with a monochrome paint job. This thing needs to be prettied up to truly shine, and after a bit of work has been done on it, few cars will be comparable. The Annis Savestra can be yours for GTA$ 990,000.

Additionally, you can also ruin upgrade this rally ride with an atypical modification. Provided you have a Vehicle Workshop in your MOC or Avenger, you can add a pair of front-facing machine guns, in case you can't beat your race opponents in the traditional means. Legality is questionable, but when did that ever bother anyone in GTA Online?

Since both of the previously running double rewards promos are still on-going through the 8th of January, no new promo has been brought for this week. Both the Occupy and Slashers Adversary Modes are paying out twice as much RP and GTA$.

Rockstar has also slashed the prices on a number of items in the game, as usual. What isn't as usual, however, is the rate of the discounts.

For the majority of 2017, 25% was the standard universal rate with barely any changes - this time, however we have a wider range of discounts between 50% and 25%. Hopefully this is indicative of the rest of the year, and isn't just a one-time thing.

Mobile Operations Center cabs are 50% off through the 8th, which is the end date for all of these discounts. The Coil Cyclone and the Grotti Visione have been discounted by 30%, while the Ocelot Ardent, FH-1 Hunter, P-45 Nokota and HVY APC are all 25% off.

Additionally to all this content, today happens to be the last day of snow until the festive season of 2018 rolls around a year from now, so enjoy it while it lasts!

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