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Annis Hellion 4x4 Ventures Into GTA Online

Quit the bumper-to-bumper traffic of Los Santos and stride out into the wilderness with the newest vehicle to be added to Grand Theft Auto Online. You can also take part in one of the many double rewards promotions available this week. Discounts and a log-in reward are also on the books.

The Annis Hellion 4x4 is essentially a rugged box with four heavy-duty wheels attached to the bottom, but it makes up with utility what it lacks in looks. Its design is angular and functional, with many retro sensibilities. While not one for racing, the Hellion is a great choice to cruise around with in free roam when you don't want to stick to roads. It can be yours starting today for GTA$ 835,000, which is pretty affordable compared to most newer vehicles added to the game.

Saving up for the Hellion shouldn't be difficult with all the different bonuses this week. Last week's offer of double rewards on the new Survival Series maps has been extended through the 10th of October. Joining Survival Series are Casino Story missions in dishing out double rewards, as well as in Keep the Pace Adversary Mode, Clubhouse Contract Missions and Bikers Business Sales. Additionally, the Venture Off Road playlist is offering triple rewards.

Players logging in this week will also unlock an exclusive Annis Japan tee for their characters, which is a perfect fit for the new Hellion off-roader. The Ocelot Swinger can also be yours for free, but you gotta do more than just log in for that one - you need to win it at the Lucky Wheel.

A wide array of items have been discounted in GTA Online this week with attention paid to the rewards promotions. With two activities related to Bikers paying out double, it would be a shame not to jump in on them just because you don't own a clubhouse or business. All Bikers Clubhouses, Business and their respective upgrades are 40% off.

A triple whammy of Ocelot vehicles - the Lynx, Pariah and Ardent - are also on a 40% markdown, while the HVY Insurgent, HVY Insurgent Pick Up and the HVY Nightshark are all 35% off. You can also get some other vehicles and upgrades at reduced prices.

GTA 5 is going to be getting some more new gameplay content in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.


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