The Most American GTA V Fan Video Ever

The recently released Lowriders: Custom Classics added the magnificent Donk to GTA Online. The Donk is your regular family sedan sitting atop massive monster-truck wheels. After the Liberator, an actual monster truck painted to resemble the flag of the United States, the Donk is the second most American thing in GTA Online currently.


Now, the fact of the matter is that there is a lot about the US, specifically things done in the US which are considered normal there, that comes across as very, very strange to people from other cultures. Naturally, this is the same when comparing any culture to any other, because that's how cultures work, but for whatever reason this is more apparent with the US.


The GTA series already satirizes American society and culture as the basis of it's humor and writing - so you can imagine how over-the-top the result of a fan video which is trying to satirize the US in-universe is. IbyGTR has put together what is supposed to be a commercial for the Donk within the lore and context of GTA V. It's about as  "America, Fuck Yeah!" - and as unapologetic about it - as you can get.

Missiles shooting burgers, Ronald McDonald and Trump; massive guns laid over the screen; raining dollar bills; Illuminati; explosions; fighter jets and eagles fill this video to the brim. You can't get the "Freedom Pack" of gratis cheeseburger rims. No other car can catapult off two German rides, do a semi-corkscrew, land on its side and bounce right onto its wheels.

The Donk, which is officially the best car in GTA Online forever, has developed something of its own fan following in the community. Few vehicles have reached that status among the fans, such as the Kuruma being associated with douchebags or the Cargobob being coveted wealth.

IbyGTR has crammed about as much typical exaggerated American satire humor into the video as possible. In fact, this fan commercial is so meta, that it not only satirizes American culture, but it satirizes satire of American culture. There is no way something this over done was considered a single-layer joke.

If nothing else, the commercial sure as hell does the Donk justice. The video was partially put together using the Rockstar Editor, however it is immediately apparent that it wasn't the only thing used in the creation of this artistic masterpiece.

Would you like to see joke commercials made for other GTA V cars?

Aron Gerencser
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