Amazon France: GTA V Coming June 19

We’re taking this a pinch of proverbial salt at the moment, but Amazon France has given its Grand Theft Auto V listing a release date of “19 juin 2013” – June 19 next year in other words.

Rockstar have officially given GTA 5 a release window of Spring 2013 / April to June already, and the Amazon FR release date is right at the end of that timeline – something that is surely going to disappoint pretty much all gamers (until it is disproven at least). We would have been much happier with April!

Anyway, the date is actually highly likely to be a placeholder only, and we would be extremely surprised if the watertight ship that is Rockstar let the cat of the bag like this, and through Amazon France.

Look at it this way: when the official release date is announced, it is roughly 90% likely to be 19 June or earlier, so we’re really setting ourselves up for good news whenever the actual date is revealed.  Time will tell, but hopefully we won’t be holding our breath all the way through to end of June!

Trevor Phillips
Founder of GTA BOOM, Trevor has been a long-time fan of the GTA series but probably isn’t quite as hardcore a gamer as you’d think. When he isn’t tweaking the content on GTA BOOM, you’ll find him working on the server or making other improvements to hopefully make the site better. Other than that, Trevor enjoys getting outside in the sunshine!


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