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All 200 Jack-O'-Lantern Locations in GTA Online - Halloween Event

The new Halloween event is in full swing in Los Santos and Blaine County, and the residents are driving around the city looking for mysterious Jack-O'-Lanterns. Rockstar has introduced new Jack-O'-Lanterns scattered all over the city for players to find as part of the new Halloween event.

There are 200 Jack-O'-Lanterns players can find to either get a treat (reward) or a trick. When a player collects a single Jack-O'-Lantern, they either get a random trick or a treat. The treats include maximum health & armor, snacks, up to $5,000 cash, and 1,000 RP.

The tricks include getting stoned, explosion, energy pulse, getting shocked, and a random Peyote hallucination.

You must collect at least ten pumpkins to unlock a Halloween Pumpkin Mask with a unique action that plays mask audio and earn $50,000.

If you collect all 200, you unlock a special Pumpkin Tee as a reward with an additional $50,000.

You must collect all 200 pumpkins in a single day to unlock the Pumpkin Tee. The same applies to the ten pumpkins for the mask. In this guide, we've gone over all the possible spawn locations of the Jack-O'-Lanterns. You may also refer to our video guide for further clarifications if any.


Video Guide - All 200 Locations

Location 1

Location 2

Location 3

Location 4

Location 5

Location 6

Location 7

Location 8

Location 9

Location 10

Location 11

Location 12

Location 13

Location 14

Location 15

Location 16

Location 17

Location 18

Location 19

Location 20


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