All 100 LD Organics Product locations in GTA Online

LD Organics Products is a new type of collectible in GTA Online, added with the Criminal Enterprise update. There are 100 product packages scattered all around San Andreas.

You can identify an LD Organics bag by the LD Organics logo on it. It is a plain white bag with a green logo. If you play with a controller, it will vibrate near the package. The vibration will grow more intense as you get closer to the package.

In this guide, we cover all 100 locations you can visit to collect the packages. The guide follows a set route that is easy to follow, so you won't have to go back and forth the map.

You can also keep track of your LD Organics Products by going to your Interaction menu > Inventory > Collectibles. Note that the collectible will only show up once you've collected at least one.

For each product collected, you will be rewarded with $1,000 and 1,000 RP. So for the collection of all 100 products, you will earn $100,000 and 100,000 RP. This is a great way of leveling up.

Location 1

On the roof ventilation grate of the LSIA hangar.

Location 2

On the power box located on the wall of Devin Watson's Hangar.

Location 3

Inside the security booth.

Location 4

On the fire hose box of the ship.

Location 5

Inside the security booth of The Los Santos State Gas Company parking lot.

Location 6

On the red toolbox on the Sea Urchin cargo boat.

Location 7

Inside a trash can under the Elysian Freeway Bridge.

Location 8

Inside one of the stacked pipes.

Location 9

On a concrete block barrier by the rusty metal pipes.

Location 10

At the entrance of the Oncology department of the hospital building.

Location 11

In a forklift in La Mesa.

Location 12

On a power generator located on the roof of Save-A-Cent.

Location 13

On the baseball field benches.

Location 14

Resting on a stack of girders at the scrapyard located under the Interstate 5 overpass in La Puerta.

Location 15

On the ledge on Straight & Direct Piping Component's roof.

Location 16

On the power meter in the Vinewood public storage area.

Location 17

Inside one of the pipes stacked together at a construction site at Pillbox Hill.

Location 18

In a planter.

Location 19

On an HVAC duct on the roof of the building.

Location 20

In an abandoned bus at Hayes Autos lot in La Mesa.


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