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Alien War Rages In GTA Online, Rockstar Hands Out Free Suits

If you've been playing Grand Theft Auto Online recently and noticed an odd increase in players running around in brightly coloured suits, beating each other up on the streets, you're not alone. Recently, fans have mobilized to create a new breed of in-game event, one that wasn't in any way organized or implemented by Rockstar - there's an Alien War going on.

While they didn't start this conflict, Rockstar Games is more than happy to jump in on the fun - but they also know when to let the community do its own thing, so they're being pretty hands-off. The only official contribution is that colourful alien bodysuits - necessary to display your allegiance -  are available for free as opposed to the usual price of $GTA 300,000.

It isn't clear where, when or how this alien war began, but it can be traced back to the final days of April. Since then, players have been spreading word of the "event" with viral posts and videos, and well known online personas have also promoted the event. Subreddits dedicated to teams partaking in this war have cropped up with hundreds or thousands of members.

Ever since Rockstar Games themselves signal boosted this event, it has gained even more ferocity, and playing GTA Online "regularly" is a tough act to pull off, with alien combatants appearing in most lobbies. Battle lines were drawn, armies mobilized and skirmishes fought.

Gaining as much traction as this community event has, it was inevitable that it would expand in new ways. Some players, who apparently hate fun, are less than pleased with scores of people wearing silly bodysuits beating each other up with baseball bats and pool cues in every lobby. Among them some formed anti-alien squads attacking anyone with an alien suit, regardless of colour.

Unwittingly, these groups have also become part of the overarching conflict, and if anything, by adding a new angle to it they ended up prolonging the event. It's wonderful seeing a community work together in a way like this to create their own content in one of the most popular games out there right now, especially during times like this.

On the surface, this may be a silly bit of fun where random people across the globe virtually don neon suits and fight, but it also signals that even apart, we can be more together than ever.


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