Alas, No Liberty City For GTA V

No Liberty City any time soon, at the very least. Some time ago we reported on a known leaker who, despite having been frequently criticized and scrutinized in the past, cleared his name after correctly leaking information from the Lowriders, Halloween and Executives DLCs.


Funmw2, known as TezFunz on Twitter, was among those who took the brunt of the hatred in the long period of rumor grinding before the release of the Lowriders DLC. So many alleged “leaks” happened, (many of which were obviously false) that he, being one of the most active GTA V data-miners, was looked down upon by the community. However, after the release of the DLC confirmed that the things he was saying were mostly true, the hate stopped short.

Recently, the known leaker suggested that Rockstar might be adding Liberty City to GTA Online as a fully playable location in a future update, possibly paid. This occurred around the time undeniable proof was found that single player DLC is on the way for GTA V.

The idea that GTA Online will be expanded to incorporate other cities and regions has been floating around practically since it was launched, and Liberty City has always been among the prime targets for the next chapter of Online to take place in.


However, Funmw2 recently stated that the source on which he based his earlier claims was, in fact, incorrect.

Looks like my source was wrong about this week regarding getting new info about SP DLC
I will try to check if he can get more pictures.

For someone whose reputation as a leaker has gained him much hate in the past, such a misstep could unleash yet another slew of animosity. Since this is the internet though, it would be too much to expect people to remember that he was right before, and that this was an honest mistake. He’s only human.

How excited did you get for seeing Liberty City in GTA Online after the initial rumor arose?

Aron Gerencser
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