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After Hours Bonuses In GTA Online This Week

Grand Theft Auto Online is switching on the neon and turning up the volume with this week's After Hours bonuses, focusing on Los Santos' nightlife. Club owners can benefit from increased income and take advantage of extra opportunities, while discounts on these establishments help new players get in on the fun.

Being a nightclub owner this week has some extra benefits. Your venue's passive income is doubled all week, so make sure to empty that safe whenever it gets full otherwise you'll miss out on easy cash. Club popularity is easy to keep at maximum with a few quick and simple missions. For more on making the most of the After Hours bonuses, check out our guide.

Additionally, Business Battles are also giving out double rewards, meaning twice as much Product to be sold for some serious profits. There is always the added risk of other players also hungering for that increased reward, so be ready to fight tooth and claw.

If you're a newer player joining us recently and don't own a nightclub, there are still bonuses you can benefit from. The Hunting Pack (Remix) Adversary Mode is dishing out double rewards through the 1st of July. Players need to race for their life - literally - as dropping below the speed limit will trigger the bomb in your vehicle.

The Diamond Casino & Resort has a new special on offer, if you are feeling lucky. The unconventional Declasse Scramjet is spinning on the podium, giving you the chance to get this Speed Racer-homage for free by spinning the Lucky Wheel. Remember to come back every day for your spin! The prize comes with a special livery pre-applied.

If you haven't bought into the nightclub craze yet, now is the time. All club properties are half price all week, and if you already have businesses to centralize with the nightclub warehouse, you can easily earn back that money in no time. Speaking of businesses - Bikers Clubhouses and all Biker Businesses are also half price.

Additional discounts include the Pegassi Tezeract, the Överflöd Tyrant, the Imponte Ruiner 2000. the Imponte Nightshade and the B-11 Strikeforce for 40% off. Finally, the Vapid Festival Bus is half price, if you want to take the party out into the wild.


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