Add GTA 5 Cheats To Your Phone Home Screen

The fastest way to access all the codes, guides and other awesome info we have here at GTA BOOM is to add a shortcut on your cell phone or tablet home screen. Best of all, this works for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices! Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be cheating in GTA V faster than Trevor and Michael get into another cat-fight… iOS instructions are first and you can find the Android instructions part way down the page.

iOS (iPhone and iPad) Instructions

  1. You must be using Safari to add a bookmark to the homescreen (Chrome or any other browser will not work). Browse the page on that you want to save and press the share button. It’s the button shown in the image below.


  1. This will bring up the share menu as below. You need to find and press the button “Add to Home Screen”.


  1. The “Add to Home” screen will come up as you can see below. In it, you see the logo for the website and the title (which you can change). “GTA 5 Cheats” is probably easiest and also the shortest to use. Once you’re happy, simply press the “Add” button as indicated.


  1. After you’ve completed the 3 simple steps above you’ll find the icon you just created sitting on your Home Screen. Press it and Safari will load up and instantly take you to the specific page on the GTA BOOM site (this one!) that you bookmarked. Job done!


Android Instructions

  1. Using Chrome as your browser, head to the page on that you want to save and press the Chrome menu button. That’s the one with three dots indicated in the image below.


  1. Scroll down within the menu and you’ll come to “Add to Home Screen” (as seen in the image below). Click on it.


  1. This will bring up the “Add to Home screen” prompt that you can see below. Edit the title as you want – we suggest something like “GTA 5 Cheats” and then press the “Add” button.


  1. And you’re done! GTA 5 Cheats will now be available as a direct shortcut on your Android home screen. Simply press the icon and Chrome will load and head instantly to the page on that you bookmarked. It’s that easy!


Trevor Phillips
Founder of GTA BOOM, Trevor has been a long-time fan of the GTA series but probably isn’t quite as hardcore a gamer as you’d think. When he isn’t tweaking the content on GTA BOOM, you’ll find him working on the server or making other improvements to hopefully make the site better. Other than that, Trevor enjoys getting outside in the sunshine!


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