Add Another Level Of Realism To GTA V With Engine Overheating

GTA V has achieved a level of realism seldom seen in gaming, regardless of how advanced AAA games have become of late. There's the extreme attention to detail, the inspiring player freedom, the wide range of activities available, the amazing visuals, and the realistic tone and atmosphere. Sure, GTA V has plenty of game-y mechanics, and the story and writing are obviously satire with over-the-top set pieces. The whole thing really is far out, but still firmly grounded in realism.


Well, realism is kind of a fixation for the gaming community (something which absolutely baffles us. The point of gaming is escapism. Why do you want it to be realistic?), and the level of realism in a given game has become a marketing tool. However, it isn't just the AAA devs who are trying to make their games more realistic, but the players as well. While obvious examples of this are the various graphical mods which claim to be photorealistic, some modders are attempting to put a little more of our real world into GTA V by way of game play features and mechanics.



This following mod really is geared to the "hardcore" realism players, as it actually subtracts from the game's fun factor. But hey, it turns out that some of you guys like this sort of thing, as attested to by the over 2 hundred downloads.


It is a simple mod, called Overheat & Degradable Vehicle. Basically, if you push your ride over the 100 km/hr mark, the engine will begin to gradually overheat. If you keep going strong with an overheated engine, you vehicle will being to take damage over time, and once you've went below 90%, the heat sensor will get borked. Your tires will also get eaten up by the asphalt if you're not careful, which can lead to a puncture.

Are you guys into this level of realism in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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