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The actress playing the Latina lead for GTA 6 might have been found

Fans believe that they've found the voice actress for the rumored female lead for GTA 6.

There's a lot that we don't know about GTA 6, which leaves plenty of room for speculation. For starters, different sources talk about the number of protagonists that GTA 6 is going to have. But, one thing that most leaks have in common is that GTA 6 will feature the series' first female lead protagonist. However, while this remains unconfirmed, fans believe that they've found the actress that Rockstar Games has cast for the main character.

According to eagle-eyed observers, the resume of Alexandra Christina Echavvari proves that she's playing the lead female role in GTA 6. Specifically, u/RockstarGamesRD2 points out that Alexandra will play a "principal character" in a Rockstar Games title.

Last week, a resume got leaked... this actress plays a "principal character" meaning: a lead character/protagonist, and she's also Latina in real-life. Jason Schreier said GTA VI will have a female protagonist yesterday, and that she'll also be Latina. This might be her? from GTA6

Of course, "principal character" doesn't necessarily mean that Rockstar has cast her as one of the leads for GTA 6. Some believe that Rockstar has hired Alexandra to voice Lupe from The Criminal Enterprises update for GTA Online. If this is true, it is interesting that Rockstar still lists Lupe's voice actress as "unknown". This implies that Rockstar is keeping Alexandra's involvement a secret. It is also possible Rockstar hired Alexandra to voice a character in GTA Online and GTA 6.

Fans believe that they've found the actress for the GTA 6 Latina protagonist#GrandTheftAuto #GrandTheftAuto6 #RockstarGames

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Under normal circumstances, we wouldn't have immediately concluded that Rockstar hired Alexandra to do voice work for GTA Online or GTA 6. However, Rockstar has confirmed that it's focused on two things only: GTA 6 and GTA Online. Unless Rockstar has a secret project in development, it's highly likely that Alexandra's voice is for GTA 6 or GTA Online - we just don't know which character Alexandra is voicing.

The only confirmed about GTA 6 is that it's in development. The rest are all speculation and leaked info.

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