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Earn 3x Rewards With Motors Wars In GTA Online

If you're a fan of the battle royale genre that's so popular these days and enjoy Grand Theft Auto Online's take on it, you're in luck because you'll be earning big with this week's event. Players can also unlock a new log-in bonus and a number of items are, as always, discounted.

Motor Wars, the Adversary Mode designed to loosely adapt Battle Royale game mechanics to GTA Online's engine, is paying out not double, but triple rewards this week. While Adversary Modes on their own aren't exactly a prime way to make GTA$, the weekly double reward promotions ensure that they're still viable. However, this unusual triple reward promotion should fill up those Motor Wars lobbies. Chances are finding a full game won't be hard at all.

With a maximum limit of 28 players, and ever-shrinking playing field, powerful weapon pickups hidden across the map and players hopping out of a Cargobob at the start of each match, Motor Wars is as true an adaptation of the most common Battle Royale characteristics as can be. However, if the overbearing popularity of this genre has made you become weary of it, there are other options available.

Both Vehicle Vendetta and Hunting Pack (Remix) will be paying out double RP and GTA$ through the 10th of April. These Adversary Modes feature weaponized vehicles prominently, so if you need something to scratch that road rage this bonus has you covered.

Additionally, players in on the illegal firearms trade will be making big money this week too. All Gunrunning sales will pay out double GTA$, but there's no RP bonus here. If you're only just starting your Gunrunning career and have yet to max out your research projects, all research is 25% quicker this week.

All players who log into GTA Online this week will get yet another free, limited edition addition to their in-game wardrobe. However, in the first time for a very long time, it isn't a t-shirt. You'll unlock the black Coil Cap, sporting the Coil Arms Division logo.

A number of vehicles and properties, many related to this week's bonuses, are discounted. Since there are some Gunrunning bonuses on offer, it makes sense that Bunkers, Bunker Add-ons and Renovations are all 30% off. Though not related to any of the bonuses, Hangars and their own upgrades have the same discount applied, so if you have yet to dive into Smuggler's Run content, here is your chance.

Several vehicles, many weaponized, are discounted by 40%. These include the HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Custom, the Ocelot Stromberg, the HVY APC, the Nagasaki Street Blazer, the Rhino Tank, the Mobile Operations Center and all MOC bays and renovations.

A trio of Premium Races is in rotation this week, switching out each other every 2 days. The three tracks where the game's top racers will go head to head are Down the Drain (locked to Muscle), Across the Wilderness (locked to Off-Road) and Arms Race (locked to Super).

It's been a while since GTA Online has seen any new content added, and we're hoping that we'll see some DLC in April. Check back often to stay on top of the news.


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