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Rockstar Handing Out Free GTA $$$


In anticipation of the soon releasing Further Adventures In Finance And Felony DLC for GTA Online, Rockstar is pulling a move they've only done once in the past. The official trailer of the DLC was posted on the Newswire earlier today and revealed a host of new features that not even the leak had shined any light on.


The new DLC update will be expanding on what Executives and Other Criminals began last December. You'll rise to the top of the black market hierarchy of Los Santos by running your own criminal enterprise as its CEO. The update introduces a whole set of new missions types centered around acquiring stock, intercepting shipments and delivering contraband.

This is done by filling up your all new warehouse properties with all kinds of goods that will fetch a high price with the right people. You'll be coordinating your dealings from a HQ, which is an all new kind of property that will be even more extravagant than the most luxurious stilt houses.


Of course, running a black market enterprise will be a costly business and can quickly bankrupt any would-be kingpin who doesn't have what it takes. There will be plenty of new VIP challenges and missions added to give you new ways of acquiring money, but chances are you'll need a bit of a boost.

Which is why Rockstar has decided to reward every player of GTA Online logging in between today and the 6th of June with either $100,000 to $150,000 worth of in-game $GTA currency (sorry we don't know what determines whether you get 100K or 150K). This stimulus package of sorts doesn't really seem like much in relation to some of the prices in the game, but chances are you'll be glad for every penny once the DLC hits.


Players have immediately began to joke around about how this update will break the bank even more than Ill-Gotten Gains and Lowriders did back in the day. You can bet that the Pegassi Reaper will be an extremely expensive ride, plus those HQ penthouse offices will cost fortunes too.

The DLC will be adding several vehicles to GTA Online, at least three of them being high-end sporty hypercars and one being a luxurious Bently-type car. The armored trash-compactor will probably be a higher-end ride as well - and everyone will want one.

What do you think you'll put your $150,000 towards when the next GTA Online DLC finally hits?

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